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For those coming to Finland in search of a good sauna, Puumala offers many alternatives. Whether you’d like a calm evening spent swimming in the blue waters of Saimaa and bathing in a sauna near the beach, or you’d just prefer a quick dip in the ice hole Puumala is ready to grant your wish.

Veera's sauna is located in the Puumala guest harbour on the left side of the Puumalansalmi bridge. During winter the sauna can be reserved for winter swimming. Private reservations are also possible. 

In Koskenselkä there are several traditional and modern saunas. Saunas also available for ice hole swimming in the winter. For more information consult (015) 4681 119, or www.koskenselka.fi


Okkola Holiday Cottages has a special sauna with a window from which one can admire the beautiful nature of Niinisaari while bathing. The sauna is rented together with Kalliola cottage. Okkola also has a smoke sauna that is available in the summer by reservation. Information about the saunas and reservations from Paula Okkola (015) 4688 122, www.okkolanlomamokit.com



Sahanlahti Resort has several saunas. Fancy trying traditional smoke sauna? Or stepping into water off your sauna terrace? Contact Sahanlahti for further

information sales@sahanlahtiresort.fi www.sahanlahtiresort.fi