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Puumala - Naturally Beautiful

A couple of years ago Puumala was chosen the most beautiful municipality on Saimaa Lake District. Puumala's 3000 km of shoreline and real archipelago with over 1000 islands attract summer residents, boaters as well as other holidaymakers to their summer paradise to enjoy the sparkling blue waters, peaceful country life and genuinely friendly services of the active little village. No wonder the population of 3000 people is at least doubled in summer time.

Puumala´s location on the Saimaa waterway halfway between Savonlinna and Lappeenranta provides a pleasant stopover with comfortable marina services for boaters. At the Gibraltar of Saimaa - the only passage between the southern and northern parts of the lake district - you will find a uniquely busy Lakeland guest harbour with a touch of Southern European atmosphere.

The Puumalansalmi Bridge, spanning the Puumalansalmi strait, is one of the longest bridges in Finland (4th position). It offers a breathtaking view over Saimaa lake and the village below. The bridge tower with the lift takes you up to the height of 28 metres. The cafe at the top of the lift tower is a good observation post over the busy harbour below.

Fancy canoeing or kayaking in the clean waters of Saimaa? 

Photo: Martti Malinen

The new waterways atlas in English now availlable for 20 € at the tourist office. What to do in Puumala - load the summer program 2016 here.


Puumala municipality
Keskustie 14, PL 20

t. +358 15 888 9500
f. +358 15 888 9211

Further information:

Travel and Tourism Coordinator Tuula Vainikka
t. +358 50 562 0706


Niinisaari Island and archipelago of Lake Saimaa in Puumala
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Rock paintings in Puumala

Puumala map 2016

The Puumala village map 2016

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